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Marketing uses a variety of media to get your message to the audience you need to reach. Most importantly all your campaigns must be tailored for the season and cycle of life by which you want to burn the impression of your brand into the mind of your targeted audience. This can only be done with frequency. Broadcast tracking reports include data from local and national broadcast, cable and syndicated outlets, local and national radio programming, internet, social media and online print.


Media Planning
One of the most difficult marketing challenges is choosing the correct media to reach your target audience. We help you select and use media effectively, based upon the specific characteristics of the market you're trying to reach. We compare the various print and broadcast media available and develop a plan to make the most efficient use of your advertising budget. Comparisons include such alternatives as telemarketing and 
direct mail or just using your existing email list to get your message out. We will help you source new email leads.



We help you unlock the secrets of using keyword

strategies for powerful internet marketing, as well as

help you build your client list, write persuasive copy 

and retarget prospects with follow-up communication.

We also help you acquire new email addresses and

nurture contacts to become satisfied returning buyers.

Television, Facebook, YouTube
There are four main strategies to social media advertising:

1)  Draw the viewer in; 2) Make sure viewers know who you are; 3) Sell viewers on the benefits of you or your product or service; and 4) Tell viewers how to make a purchase.  And like any other kind of advertising, a good television/social media spot uses the medium to its best advantage.  A good social media campaign should tap into the emotions of the viewer in conveying the benefits of the product or service. Network, cable, Facebook Live Stream? Monday evening or Sunday morning? Who's watching, and when? 


Like print advertising and the four points above, an effective radio/podcast spot will:

Use sound to create a picture in the mind of the listener. Radio uses sound in this way to create a scenario which illustrates the benefits of your product or service. Often incorporating humor as well, an effective radio spot can even become favorite listening for a radio audience. Once you have a spot that sells, whether a 30- or 60-second commercial, you still need to schedule it for maximum impact. A podcast can be played at anytime and anywhere.



The power of building your email list, your company newsletter, magazines, newspapers, coupon books, advertising on the back of supermarkets receipts etc. Digital marketing, online marketing and social media marketing. We can provide coverage from all 210 television markets; as well as over 150 radio markets and most major broadcast, cable and syndicated programs nationwide.

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